Trasa: Wrocław + Poznań + Warszawa

Podróż autokarem

Day 1

  • arrival at the airport Wrocław Starachowice
  • transfer to the hotel and accommodation
  • welcoming dinner
  • evening walk through Wroclaw – the Old Town Market Square
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 1

Day 2

  • breakfast
  • sightseeing in Wrocław –Wrocław for the Assiduous
    • Panorama of the Battle of Racławice– it is one of few places in the world where one can admire the relic of nineteenth-century mass culture. A monumental painting (15x114m) transfers a viewer into a different reality and a different time thanks to combination of some unique painting devices (special kind of perspective) and technical effects (lighting, artificial terrain, darkened tortuous passage). Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is the one and only extant Polish work of this kind.
    • Market Square, Salt Market Square, Wrocław dwarfs – the history of bronze dwarfs, search for dwarfs
    • St. Elizabeth's Church
    • Old Shambles – monument commemorating Slaughter Animals – a perfect place for a photo. The history of medieval Wrocław butchers
    • Old City Prison
    • University of Wrocław
    • Museum of the University of Wrocław
    • Oratorium Marianum and Leopoldine Hall
    • Panorama of the city seen from the top of the Mathematical Tower
    • National Ossolioski Institute (the garden and baroque courtyard)
    • The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Sand Island
    • Ostrów Tumski, The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
    • View of Grunwaldzki Bridge and historic Water Tower
    • Old Town Promenade and Gondola Bay (it is possible to rent a gondola or a boat)
    • Brick Layers’ Bastion –view of Ostrów Tumski
    • Dinner in a local restaurant and wheat beer tasting
    • Ship, steamship, or gondola cruise on the river Odra or a historic streetcar ride
  • supper
  • evening water, light, and sound performance – Millennium Fountain – one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe combines spectacular lights and holograms displayed on water walls with music which altogether leave indelible memories
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 2

Day 3

  • breakfast
  • sightseeing in Wrocław –Fortification in Wrocław
    • Market Square, Western Frontage
    • Church of St. Mary Magdalene (the legend of Penitents’ Bridge and of the Sinner’s Bell)
    • Panorama of the city seen from the Penitents’ Bridge
    • Wroclaw Palace and the baroque garden
    • The City Museum of Wrocław
    • Opera House, former City Theatre
    • Świdnicka Street, Statue of King Bolesław Chrobry
    • Liebich’s Hill
    • Break for a cup of chocolate (hot or iced chocolate)
    • The White Stork Synagogue
    • Market Square
    • Dinner in a local restaurant
    • Free time on the market square
  • supper
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 3

Day 4

  • breakfast
  • transfer to Poznan
  • accommodation in a hotel in Poznan
  • dinner
  • sightseeing in the town – the Royal Route
    • the Cathedral in Ostrów Tumski – one of the oldest Polish churches and the oldest Polish cathedral located in Ostrów Tumski. It is a burial place of first Polish rulers and a presumable place of baptism of Mieszko I who was the first Polish ruler.
    • Royal Castle –the castle was the residence of Przemysł II of Poland and of subsequent kings of Poland during their stay in the capital of the Greater Poland.
    • The Old Town
    • The Parish Church – a magnificent parish and collegiate church from 16th century built by Jesuits
    • Free time on the market square
  • supper
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 4

Day 5

  • breakfast
  • sghtseeing in Poznao
    • The Church of St. John of Jerusalem Outside the Walls
    • Śródka i Ostrówek
    • Ostrów Tumski
  • dinner
    • The Imperial Castle in Poznao
    • Adam Mickiewicz University
    • Square of four monuments
    • Nowy Theatre named after Tadeusz Łomnicki
    • Poznao International Fair
    • Shopping, Arts, and Business Centre Stary Browar
  • supper
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 5

Day 6

  • breakfast
  • transfer to Gniezno
    • The Cathedral and Gniezno Doors. In Gniezno Cathedral the first king of Poland was crowned. After him four other rulers were granted this honour. Saint Adalbert of Prague is buried here and eighteen scenes from his life and martyrdom are immortalised on Gniezno Doors – a unique monument in Romanesque style famous in the whole Europe. Itinerary includes also a visit in the Museum of the Origins of Polish State and Museum of Archdiocese
  • transfer to Biskupin
    • Biskupin – an exceptional, renowned archaeological reserve with well-preserved relics of fortified settlement of Lusatian Culture. The settlement was discovered in 1933 and partially reconstructed on the basis of excavations.
  • dinner
    • Polish Venice – transfer from Biskupin to Polish Venice by narrow-gauge railroad. In the Museum of Narrow Gauge Railway one can admire some extraordinary train sets adjusted to 60cm tracks.
  • transfer to Warszawa
  • accommodation in a hotel
  • evening walk through the Old Town Market Square
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 6

Day 7

  • breakfast
  • sightseeing in Warszawa
    • Walk through the Old Town streets and alleys: : Castle Square, Sigmund's Column, St. John's Cathedral, Kanonia Street, Gnojna Mauntain, Old Town Market Square, Barbican, Church of the Holy Spirit, Freta Street (house of Maria Skłodowska-Curie), New Town Square, St. Kazimierz Church, Old Town ramparts, a statue of a Little Insurgent, Piwna Street, Zapiecek Street
  • dinner
    • Jewish Sites – transfer to Grzybowski Sqare: Nożyk Synagogue (interior sightseeing, if possible), Jewish Theatre, All Saints Church, Próżna Street. Drive to Złota Street where fragments of ghetto wall are preserved.Walk from Złota, Sienna, Żelazna, Pereca, Waliców to Chłodna Street where was a bridge connecting the small and the large ghetto. Drive from Solidarności Avenue and Bankowy Square to the Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto. Walk through Path of Remembrance from the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes to Umschlagplatz. Dive to Jewish Cemetery in Okopowa Street and sightseeing.
  • supper in a local restaurant accompanied by Jewish live music
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 7

Day 8

  • breakfast
  • sightseeing in Warszawa
    • o Fryderyk Chopin's Warszawa – transfer to Royal Baths to Fryderyk Chopin's statue.
      Ride from the Royal Route to Ostrogski Palace (place of residence of Fryderyk Chopin Society).
      Fryderyk Chopin Museum.
      Walk from Ostrogski Palace towards Piłsudski Square: Holy Cross Church, University of Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts – Chopin's Parlour, Church of St. Joseph of the Visitationists, Holy Trinity Church, remnants of Saxon Palace.
      Drive to Powązki Cemetery where Fryderyk Chopin's parents and sisters are buried.
  • dinner
    • Route of struggles and martyrdom – drive to the Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom on Szucha Avenue in the building of Ministry of National Education.
      Drive from Ujazdów Avenue where general Kutscherze, Warsaw's torturer, was executed, through Warsaw Uprising Square (formerly Napoleon Square) to Piłsudski Square and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
      Drive through Theatre Square and Miodowa Street to Krasioski Square – Warsaw Uprising Monument and The Field Cathedral of the Polish Army.
    • Warsaw Rising Museum – an exceptional museum on a European scale which offers multimedia elements, traditional exhibits, and historical objects from the times of Uprising which are more telling thanks to sound and videos.
  • supper
  • lodging
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 8

Day 9

  • breakfast
  • free time
  • dinner
  • transfer to Airport Warszawa Okęcie
  • end of the trip
Treasures of Central Poland - Day 9

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