Trasa: Wrocław + Kłodzko Valley and Jelenia Góra Valley

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Day 1

  • arrival at Wrocław Strachowice Airport
  • transfer to the hotel and accommodation
  • welcoming dinner
  • evening walk through Wrocław – the Old Town Market Square
  • lodging
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 1

Day 2

  • breakfast
  • sightseeing in Wrocław – Wrocław for the Assiduous
    • Panorama of the Battle of Racławice – it is one of few places in the world where one can admire the relic of nineteenth-century mass culture. A monumental painting (15x114m) transfers a viewer into a different reality and into a different time thanks to combination of some unique painting devices (special kind of perspective) and technical effects (lighting, artificial terrain, darkened tortuous passage). Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is the one and only extant Polish work of this kind.
    • the Market Square, Salt Market Square, Wrocław dwarfs – the history of bronze dwarfs, search for dwarfs
    • St. Elizabeth's Church
    • Old Shambles – monument commemorating Slaughter Animals – a perfect place for a photo. The history of medieval Wrocław butchers
    • Old City Prison
    • University of Wrocław
    • Museum of the University of Wrocław
    • Oratorium Marianum and Leopoldine Hall
    • Panorama of the city seen from the top of the Mathematical Tower
    • National Ossolioski Institute (the garden and baroque courtyard)
    • The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Sand Island
    • Ostrów Tumski, The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
    • View of Grunwaldzki Bridge and historic Water Tower
    • Old Town Promenade and Gondola Bay (it is possible to rent a gondola or a boat)
    • Brick Layers' Bastion – view of Ostrów Tumski
    • Dinner in a local restaurant and wheat beer tasting
    • Ship, steamship, or gondola cruise on the river Odra or a historic streetcar ride
  • supper
  • evening water, light, and sound performance – Millennium Fountain – one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe combines spectacular lights and holograms displayed on water walls with music which altogether leave indelible memories
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 2

Day 3

  • breakfast
  • sightseeing in Wrocław – Fortification in Wrocław
    • Market Square, Western Frontage
    • Church of St. Mary Magdalene (the legend of the Penitents' Bridge and of the Sinner's Bell)
    • Panorama of the city seen from the Penitents' Bridge
    • Wrocław Palace and the baroque garden
    • The City Museum of Wrocław
    • Opera House, former City Theatre
    • Świdnicka Street, Statue of King Bolesław Chrobry
    • Liebich's Hill
    • Break for a cup of chocolate (hot or iced chocolate)
    • The White Stork Synagogue
    • the Market Square
    • Dinner in a local restaurant
    • Free time on the market square
  • supper
  • lodging
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 3

Day 4

  • breakfast
  • transfer to Kłodzko
  • Valley sightseeing in the former gold mine in Złoty Stok where is the only one in Poland subterranean waterfall. Ride in an underground tram or in a special boat, unusual exploration of flooded paths
  • dinner
  • nature reserves in Błędne Rocks – a unique rocky maze which includes a sandstone hill called Skalniak (915 m) formed by water and winds. This rocky formations, which occupy 22,14 hectares, form a magnificent few hundred meters tourist trail where visitors have to work their way through narrow rocky clefts. Tunnels are around 6-8 m while their width differs – here and there it is only a few dozen centimetres.
  • accommodation in the hotel in a health resort in Polanica Zdrój, walk through the health resort, a visit in a spring house where one can taste curative waters.
  • supper
  • lodging
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 4

Day 5

  • breakfast
  • Szczeliniec Wielki – the highest (919 m) and the most interesting mountain in Table Mountains range which enjoys the biggest popularity among tourists. It is formed by a tableland which measures 600x300 m and towers 150 m over Karłów which is the most convenient way to the summit.
  • dinner
  • a ride to Castle Książ – sightseeing Stallion Stable in Castle Książ – there is a chance to learn horse riding, to rent a chaise, to ride a horse in a roofed arena.
  • accommodation in the hotel
  • supper
  • lodging in the hotel in Wojanów Palace
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 5

Day 6

  • breakfast
  • relaxation in spa and in a hotel park
  • dinner
  • sightseeing in an underground tourist route Sztolnie Kowary
  • supper
  • lodging
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 6

Day 7

  • breakfast
  • transfer to Karpacz
    • walk through Karpacz
    • Wang Stave Church – it was built at the turn of 12th and 13th century and comes from Vang in southern Norway which is located on the lake that has the same name. It is a valuable historic monument created in the likeness of the best wooden buildings of Scandinavian sacral architecture
    • Waterfalls in Łomnica
    • a chair lift to the top of Kopa (1375 m)
  • dinner
  • a ride to Szklarska Poręba – a walk through the city
    • sightseeing in Chojnik Castle
    • the museum of minerals and Walooska Hut – Walonians... this name denotes countless mysteries. Walonians were travellers, adventure-seekers, tough people who are not afraid of escapades into backwoods to face the Mountain Ghost and steal at least some precious stones from its kingdom. In Szklarska Poręba one can find descendants of Walonian treasure hunters, see the goods hidden in the soil, try some famous liqueur, listen to stories about the old times, and finally sit for a while by the fireside in a shrouded in secrecy Crucible of Power.
  • supper
  • lodging
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 7

Day 8

  • breakfast
  • relaxation in spa
  • transfer to Wrocław Strachowice Airport
  • end of the trip
Wrocław and Karkonosze Adventure - Day 8

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